Sure, there are already a plethora of games I have not got around to playing on Xbox Game Pass, but that does not mean I am not celebrating having more options in the excellent service. Now EA Play has joined the Xbox subscription service, so if you have an Ultimate Game Pass membership, then you can now enter the EA Play app and download classic series such as Burnout, Crysis, Zuma and The Sims.

A great thing that I originally subscribed to EA Play for, that you can now also take advantage of, is the fact that you can download ‘demo’ versions of the latest hot titles. Unlike the old days where this would mean one level or half an hour of play, the EA Play demos last for ten hours so you get a real sense of what the game is about. Currently you can get demos of Fifa, NHL, Madden and, downloading right now on the Kendall Xbox, Star Wars : Squadrons.