JAMES BOURNE. One of my favourite popsters ever, just seemingly using some kind of pop machine to release hit after hit, even if you didn’t hear all of them. Sure you know his work from Busted. Then there was Son Of Dork. And then Future Boy. Most people nod at the first, occasionally at the second but the third seems one of those lost classics, but it is out there so go and get it. Now’s your chance to catch up, before the first official solo album Safe Journey Home arrives. Speaking of which, the title track has just dropped and SPOILER it is my favourite of the three releases so far – essentially it is Semisonic’s Closing Time but from the perspective of the patrons rather than the bar owners and hey, that’s an amazing song and so is this. Go to JB’s official store to preorder the album, you’ll thank me. YOU WILL. :p