Okay look, you know the rules. We didn’t used to talk about Christmas until after my dad’s birthday on December 2nd. Then, we didn’t talk about Christmas until after my birthday on November 20th. But then, my glorious nieces are probably already talking about it and the only other exception to this rule is…Joe Jonas, obvs.

As you probably know, I am not a fan of Xmas music, sure I can handle Mariah and a touch of Elton but unless you are the Phil Spector Xmas album or the Beach Boys Xmas album, or the NKOTB xmas record, I’m out. Except…I Need You Christmas is really good. I guess that is like me saying that wheels are really round, but hey, it doesn’t have jingly bells or syrupy lyrics, in the same way that you can listen to A Little Bit Longer and not realise it is about Nick’s (our) struggle with Type One Diabetes, this does not have to be about Christmas and is just a glorious agonising tale of yearning. Is it the time of year they are missing? Is it Christmas itself, or the feeling of holding the girl under the glittering lights? Ouch.