Remember when you were a kid and you looked through your parents record collections and thought “Look at all these nostalgic collections, our bands will never do this!”? Well, newsflash, remember that mid nineties period where every week brought you a new favourite band and the likes of Taylor Parkes and Simon Price giving you more names to write down and check out in the music press? It’s quarter of a century ago. Wha?

I’m sure we must be near the time when the majors put out a Britpop collection that is just Dodgy and OCS and a load of fillers, but this, my friends is not that record. THIS record is a perfect encapsulation of the scene, the exciting three minute pop songs and the characters, the suits and the style, I never got to go to Smashing, being a Devon kid, but I had The Cavern Club where I saw a number of these bands and this brilliant selection takes me back to those magical nights, too much booze, too much dancing, my dad picking me up outside afterwards. These days were magic, as is this collection.

So who do we have? Hell, it starts with Powder’s stunning Afrodisiac, you probably know Pearl Lowe as a big fashion grrrrl but in my day, Powder supported the magnificent Menswe@r, also included here and Afrodisiac was their iconic song, I had the 7″ and played it to death. CD1 also features Shampoo, Huggy Bear, Voodoo Queens, Spearmint and a number of lesser names that I probably saw in support slots. It’s a buzz.

CD2 starts with one of my favourite songs of all time, London Girls by Duffy, the brilliant Good Mixer reinvention of the former TinTin, whose Kiss Me is my actual fave song ever. Class. Earl Brutus were always stroppy and exciting when I saw them, and here they are, back to back with the mighty Menswe@r. Nice. Add Bis, Mambo Taxi – sure these might fall under the Riot Grrrl umbrella rather than Britpop, but let’s not ruin this great collection, hell it ends with Rialto’s magnificent widescreen The Underdogs, where perhaps Kinky Machine would slot in better, but hey, both bands are Kendall faves and Rialto fit the suits and slurring era better.

Super Sonics is an epic collection of a fantastic time in the music world, dress up, grab a drink, hey grab two drinks and give it a play.

Super Sonics is out now via Cherry Red Records