Yes, we know that it is not ‘real sports’ but it is usually exciting when WWE uses the Draft idea to create a new year of new rivalries and opportunities. Except this one. Firstly, the elephant in the room, is that there were no NXT talents involved. Surely Adam Cole is ready for a massive main roster push, I thought that was why NXT elevated Kyle O’Reilly to be the next big thing? But no, no call ups. Sigh. Secondly, it was just so predictable. Champion here, champion there. Yawn. Then, there were dumb things…

If you can have The New Day, I mean, I hate them but stay with me here, why would you just take Kofi and Xavier and leave Big E to go to the other brand? Remember, they came as one choice, so why would you buy a three pack of cola and just take two? Real world example, there. They did the same thing with Lucha House Party and Heavy Machinery. What was done here, was killing actual tag teams, in a time when fans crave actual tag teams over thrown together ‘partners’.

Aaaand, so these are the picks, I thought, let’s go with it, the Federation has ideas for them all it will be fine…Then Friday’s ‘SEASON PREMIERE’ (we heard that phrase about a zillion times) of Smackdown saw The New Day still together. Strowman going for the championship of the show he was not on and Hardy (not the good one) getting squashed (rightly, credit there) by Lars Sullivan, on a show he also should not have been on. Oh well, at least RAW will do the right…oh.

The SEASON PREMIERE of Raw, okay here we go, the new era of new stars and new things and…wait, why are The Riott Squad here? Did they not get picked up by the blue brand after not getting picked on the main show (again, deflate a real tag team), well yes they did, but Cole says “They wanted one more chance” on the red brand. No, don’t do that. And this was the best, as I love The Riott Squad. The New Day’s new home? Well, they had Kofi go single. On week one? Nice. More annoyingly, they put Big E in the centre square of the Thunderdome, the virtual fan screens behind the action. If you’re splitting up the biggest team of recent years, then don’t put them back together on week one. Nope. Dumb. But still not the dumbest thing…(Sigh, I hate dissing things happening in wrestling, because I am such a fan of it when things go right, I’m no mark, but at the same time I’m not a ‘this would never happen in real life’ grump)

Heavy Machinery should have been Smackdown champions a long time ago. I guess because they were on the same brand as The New Day, they had to wait their turn, but really, Otis and Tucker are a/entertaining (Otis) and b/highly talented (Tucker) so the split is the dumbest thing ever, I presume that Vince finds Otis funny (because these kinds of puzzles are always answered by ‘Vince wanted it’) and that is why he got the Money In The Bank briefcase despite being part of one of the best tag teams around. 2020, Tucker gets drafted to Raw because again, somehow, the drafters decided to split them even though they could have had both and then traded one later in the year when all of that bullshit starts. Fine. Tucker seems exciting, without the jokey moves of Otis, he could climb the ladder, yep, I dig that. Nope. They team him with a ‘famous Luchadore’, the pink mask wearing, pink cape wearing, er, Otis. Jesus, at least stick to the Draft for the first week of your programs, eh? We all know there will be the draft invitational hogwash later in the year, but this? THIS?

I’m not angry at you WWE, I’m just…disappointed.