Man, I’m a sucker for a good faction. Obviously you have the Horsemen, NWO, that thing they did with Sheamus, er, okay, not that one. But the point is, it is fun sometimes to see a group walk through the show without possibly being crushed. Until a year later when they are crushed. We KNOW how it works, Vinnie.

Retribution were the latest of these. a bunch of rebels in black masks, throwing fire and fucking shit up. I loved it. The commentators ran away, wrestlers would back off, it seemed super exciting. It sounds like I am talking about something that happened years ago, but this is a Covid era storyline, already kicked in the balls by the higher ups.

It was funny that they got drafted, like they were a ‘proper’ WWE property, but when RAW got them, it was fair enough, we will see them over here, but it means that you cannot then have commentators saying “oh my god! it’s Retribution!”. Er, you signed them, if you hated them so much, you could have just left them on the shelf.

Let’s talk about another faction, one I don’t like for the record, although that is in a Kayfabe way, they are all great performers, just not for me. The Hurt Business. It seems that they have been all over WWE recently and with MVP’s mike work and Lashley still a threat, they are always involved in big storylines. (despite seeming like a Midcard act, TBH)

Now, here we are on the SEASON PREMIERE (see my last post for my opinions on that) of RAW and Retribution come out to fuck shit up. Yes! Exciting. Now, if I were running the show, I would have kept The Hurt Business vs Retribution for Survivor Series – the classic team PPV. So I imagine this is gonna end in a run in, or a disqualification, anything to keep this for the November classic PPV.


Retribution lose via a submission. in their first big outing. Okay, what? I would have kept this pack super powerful right up to Wrestlemania, when you could have a babyface team, probably the reformed New Day, beat them, in a difficult blood filled bout. But Vince, ‘Hell! We’ll have them doomed from the start!’

And THEN they also announced that Ali was the mysterious Smackdown Hacker character, so they’ve killed that off too, without any payoff. Dumb.

And don’t even get me started on Retribution spending most of the match trying to readjust their face masks. WHICH THEY PRESUMABLY WEAR ALL THE TIME.