One of those things my brain just started thinking about and then I spent a while obsessing over it (you’ve met me, right?) and decided I could post it here and make it a discussion, hopefully to see different opinions, not to blast anyone for thinking differently to you…

What triggered me thinking about this was my FB memories reminding me of when i reviewed This Is England, which I had plenty of problems with. I never would have thought I would enjoy a TV version, but I blasted through every season in a single week and I would claim they are vastly superior and much more multi-layered than the original film. So then, I thought, there must be others and off my brain went…

Being superior is a small club, I guess. Normally the TV show does not have the budget or the big directors or the stars of the big screen and sometimes there is a kickback from fans “How dare you mess with {insert franchise}! Let’s first look at the big guns. Well, to me, perhaps not you, I dunno how big an audience this has in 2020, but when Sky One premiered the Alien Nation television show, it became (along with 21 Jump St and The Simpsons), the highlight of young Kendall’s week. Don’t get me wrong, the James Caan original was great, but the TV show had much more to say about human life and more time to explore it and it stands in the gold position for transitional classics.

Hannibal. A perfect TV show. Now, does this belong in the ‘superior’ world? It’s definitely superior to the movie of the same name and Hannibal Rising and the Red Dragon remake. I still prefer The Silence Of The Lambs and Manhunter, but here we are comparing solid gold to solid gold and Mads Mikkelsen took on a role that could not possibly be recast and…well, he is equal to Hopkins in every way, who lest we forget in case you are shouting at your screen right now, was the second Hannibal after the incredible Brian Cox. So, I’m counting it.

M*A*S*H. Of course, in my adult life, I discovered the Altman original and loved it, but to me, M*A*S*H is more the Alan Alda small screen version, the first ‘after 9pm’ show I was allowed to stay up for as a kid and this was my version of the story, hard hitting, funny, poignant, an absolutely incredible series.

And that’s about all I can think of, I was/am a fan of both the Friday The 13th TV show and the Twilight Show aping Freddy’s Nightmares, but they do not come close to the cinema versions, although Friday The 13th does get a nod for having the moxy to be completely different in every way to the thing it was using to sell itself. Gutsy.

So, any I missed? Do you disagree? I’ll reply to any comments and we’ll have a party! A, er, discussion party. 🙂