Disney Speeds Ahead With ‘Space Mountain’ Movie :

Boy, I remember the world blowing up when Disney announced they were releasing a film based upon one of the best Disney rides ever Pirates Of The Caribbean. It’ll never work! what a flop! Aaaaand….we all remember how that happened, right?

So consider that as Disney announces a film based upon my father’s favourite ride, Space Mountain. I loved Tomorrowland, which is where Space Mountain sits in the parks, so I am looking forward to this. It is set to be helmed by Jody Harold, who is also behind the forthcoming Obi Wan series for Disney +

Again, a reminder, if you are scoffing, that Jungle Cruise, a ride with a lot less possibilities story wise than Space Mountain is ready to be released when this Covid hell is over and The Rock is likely to put it in the billion dollar club…

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