The Cavern Club, the Exeter one, not the Liverpool one, although I’m sure that one is ace to, is one of the best venues I have ever attended/played in. It is intimate and yet has a huge sound, it is exclusive and yet is very open to new people or ideas. You won’t feel out of place, the Cavern is amazing.

And…Covid. Suddenly venues that feed the local area socially and sonically have been hit like beautiful oaks by an axe they were not ready for. The government? They don’t seem to be doing much, so it is up to us fans to try and share things that can help. Hence, this Muse shirt. Muse used to play down here all the time, when they were about, I knew nothing about them and never saw them, much to my future annoyance.

Now, to give back to the venue that basically helped them brew their future stardom, Musehas released this Cavern t-shirt to help the venue help the future of rock and roll.

It’s fair if you don’t like Muse, just buy the shirt and burn it, I could care less, what I care about is the best venue in the South West getting to feed us all the future. Please support them. <3