Even writing that headline took away my breath. Growing up in the eighties, Van Halen were the ultimate party band. Sure I was too young to drink and too shy to talk to girls, but I could understand having your ‘back against the record machine’ and rockin’ out. Later, after the DLR party years, Sammy Hagar made the band (arguably, not the time, dudes!) even bigger and added more shade. My fave VH album remains F.U.C.K. and Right Now is my top Van Halen song ever. Hell, I even dig Van Halen III. Yep, I’m in deep.

Whatever your favourite period, you’ll love Eddie Van Halen. His astounding guitar work complimented his brother’s drumming perfectly and he could perfectly click with whichever singer, Roth, Hagar or Cerrone perfectly.

He’s one of those metal icons, hell MUSIC icons, that upon mention of his name, you can instantly envision, guitar up, boogieing towards the camera, a perfect vision of rock.

Godspeed, sir. This loss really hurts. đź’–