So the first time I saw Manic Street Preachers was 1992, supported by Kinky Machine (who later morphed into the superior Rialto) at the Exeter Lemon Grove. Got there early, front row in front of Nicky Wire. A short sharp shock of a gig, back when they would play for half an hour, knock you the fuck out and then be gone before you could blink. I love them. I bought Generation Terrorists on the day of release from WH Smiths, then spent all night listening to it. From then on it was BUY EVERY SINGLE, BUY EVERY ALBUM, COLLECT ALL THE SHIRTS. I regret no part of it, I’m over 50 gigs past that youthful exuberance and my heart still leaps when there is a new Manics thing, even though these days it is mostly a reissue.

So ‘Do You Love Us?’ should be made for me, a podcast going album by album through the impeccable back catalogue of one of the greatest bands of them all. The first thing, from an old school FMF perspective is that they should have named it ‘You Love Us – You Do!’ which would make more sense, drag more old school fans into its orbit and also get rid of the questioning. The second thing, the main guy on the podcast does well as a host, he gives insight on the quotes and authors and films that Richey Edwards would throw out constantly and sets up the song discussions perfectly. Do you hear a ‘but…’ coming? You do!

BUT…There is another guest who is interesting and tells the tales of learning more about the band and the images and the quotes etc etc, I’m not trying to gate the band off here although I worry my next point will sound that way. Hearing someone slightly less familiar but eager to learn is great, very interesting. Then…there is Lucas. Before I do this, this is NOT A PERSONAL ATTACK, I worry in 2020 that being critical of anything is gonna get you P.C. (P!) strike points and this is not my intention. Lucas is not a fan of the Manic Street Preachers. He is hearing things for the first time. literally. This could be an interesting take, I guess that was the initial plan, but if you are on an MSP podcast and give The Holy Bible 3/10, you better have some good reasons to back it up. But no, ‘it sounds shit’ or ‘I wish they’d stop with the quotes’ do not cut it. The new Journal For Plague Lovers episode has the best Manics biographer of them all and someone I am proud to call a friend Simon Price and it’s great but again Lucas is there with his ‘too many talking bits before the songs’. Jesus. If he was on one episode, I can see it being interesting but don’t come on every pod and shrug, it’s like me going on a sports podcast and saying ‘well, I don’t like sports’ over and over and over again.

So, please give the podcast a chance, especially the awesome Price added ones, but know that you will end up shouting at your speaker or in my case into the air whilst listening on my way back from work. If Lucas thinks Resistance Is Futile is great, then we go to war…(Joke! Manics fans can make jokes shocker. I will be fucking angry though)

Do You Love Us is on all your fave podcast networks now.