“On the four-year anniversary of its initial release, we are proud to be able to offer to all of Gus’s fans his beloved “mixtape” called Hellboy across all digital streaming platforms.  For the first time, Peep fans will be able to listen to all sixteen of the Hellboy tracks in the highest quality form possible.  As with Crybaby, our goal was to leave all of Gus’s original work unscathed–only to master it so it can be enjoyed on any medium.  This is both an original and an “ultra” version of what Gus released.  I guarantee this to all Peep fans: this is even more than what you have been waiting for.  Bringing this work to the world has been a true labor of love—by a small and very dedicated team of people.  I know Gus would be proud of this re-release, and pleased to celebrate this moment with collaborators who helped him create this raw, intense, invigorating and heartbreaking piece of work for the world to cry to, scream to, and grind to. He was only 19 when he made this.  That’s quite an accomplishment.”