Of course, with Xbox and Sony both releasing next generation consoles in ‘Holiday 2020’, well, time is running out for important reveals.

Xbox might not have pulled the trigger on telling us when exactly we can get our hands on the future, but today it has unveiled the entry level next gen system which will drop at an astounding £249 price point.

The Xbox Series S is the smallest Xbox ever and does not support physical media. It’s certainly a bargain and will be under many a tree no doubt. My only problem is the naming of these systems. They are so close to various current titles that even I, a lifelong gamer, am having trouble with the S this and the X that. I feel for parents trying for a bargain on Ebay for lil Eddie and ending up with an Xbox One S…and Boxing Day is ruined! Could they not just have stuck with Scarlett?

Expect a release date to go with this exciting news soon, as well as confirmation of the Xbox Series X pricepoint too.