Aaaand here we…go! After months of rumours and countless mini Directs instead of anything truly substantial, Nintendo dropped a proper direct yesterday with all the plumber treats we had wished for.

Firstly Super Mario 3D All Stars hits the Switch on 18th September, featuring the N64 classic Super Mario 64, the lost Gamecube treasure, Super Mario Sunshine and the Wii’s Super Mario Galaxy.

“But where…” I hear you yelp “is the Wii U’s Super Mario 3d World?” Fear not, it’s coming in 2020 along with the intriguing update Bowser’s Fury.

Hungry for more, ya greedy piggies? How about the original SNES collection Super Mario Allstars, with a trio of updated NES classics and SMB : The Lost Levels? It’s available for free on the Nintendo Online Service RIGHT NOW. *Drops The Mic*