Last weekend was a great time to be a WWE wrestling fan. After months of the federation being stuck in the Performance Centre thanks to dumb ole Covid, we got a new turbo powered version – enter the Thunderdome.
Yes, instead of just a few NXT nobodies milling about behind a plastic screen, we had a huge wall of real fans following the action live, with all the chaos and thrills that that situation provides. But, like the big bully in the playground who looks to break your shiny new toy, certain ‘fans’ decided to try and ruin this bright new dawn for all of us. Firstly, there was a screen on the Thunderdome that featured Chris Benoit. This, whilst obviously in bad taste, you could argue was bringing up one of the greatest superstars of all time and his worthy place in the Hall Of Fame. Of course, from the other side, he turned into a cold hearted murderer, killing his wife and son before taking his own life. Therefore, WWE are justified in never mentioning one of the greatest champions of all time. Then, the ‘fans’ went further down the sickening rabbit hole, putting up a video of a KKK meeting which was visible many times. Someone else, looking to ‘win’ the night, put up a video of an Isis execution, instead of his goofy face on the Thunderdome.
By doing these childish and stupid things, WWE will have to protect itself, because one thing more scary than white supremacists and dumb racists is what the shareholders think of Vince McMahon’s company and so things will have to change. What will change is the freedom and magic of the Thunderdome. I’m thinking there might be a time delay to the reactions, the reactions that are making every match more exciting. I also hear that WWE might put ‘trusted’ fans in the prime positions in the Thunderdome. Once you start this, you’re messing with the spontaneity. But it is the fans who are at fault here. You mess with the WWE beast and the beast will bite back. Please, I beg you, enjoy the Thunderdome, be a part of the Thunderdome, but don’t abuse it, don’t try and be controversial, don’t be a dick. If you do, we will soon return to the dark days of small shows with no fans. “We don’t want that, Kendall!” Then behave your bloody selves, yeah?