Whilst researching the New French Extreme, the names of Maury and Bustillo kept popping up, mostly for the film Inside, which I have still yet to see but have heard only good things about. Through this I discovered Livid, which is very different in style from what I have read about their more iconic movie.

Livid is a classic horror story, like a 30s or 40s tale of dark corners and creaky old houses. If it was in black and white, you could believe that it was a lost Universal Monsters title which is meant as a compliment, obvs, or if you are looking for more modern comparisons, Argento (the colours!) and Del Toro are the most apt. There is also a killer visual and audio nod to a certain threequel eighties classic but I will leave you to discover that yourself, it really made me smile.

The story is classic horror material too. A young girl (brilliantly played by the adorable Chloe Coulloud) gets a job as a carer and learns that one of the women she will be looking after has secrets and treasures and has been in a coma for years, so why not go around with your boyfriend and free her of some of this money? First mistake. They break in on halloween, second mistake and third mistake, find themselves caught up in something so much bigger and so much darker. As the creepy pictures and stuffed animals start to give you that sinking feeling, the blood begins to drip and you’ll be wishing you could head for the exit – of course, they can’t as the ways out are all locked because of course they are!

Livid might not have been the Extreme rocket ride I was expecting, but if you want a classy, old fashioned, slow burning horror, then this is definitely worth your time.

(Livid is available on DVD via the usual sources)