Zac Efron Returns To Disney For Classic Remake :

It’s been a while since the magical dances of Troy Bolton but Zac Efron is coming home to Disney, singing on for a remake for the Disney+ service.

Efron is signed up for the return of the eighties classic Three Men And A Baby which will release exclusively on the streaming service. Now, I hear voices rumbling on my socials about too many remakes and leave the classics alone etc etc and whilst I do think this sometimes (if they come for Taxi Driver or Apocalypse Now, I’m first at the barricade), I don’t think it dents a light hearted comedy classic like this to be remade and also, lest we forget, that American film you are defending so staunchly? It was a remake of the French original, so…

No news yet on who will be the other two stars but may I throw forward Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd, Joe Jonas, Casey Affleck, Joseph Gordon-Levitt? Well, I just did. 😉

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