I love the work of Zobo With A Shotgun, even when we disagree on a movie (which is totes rare, tbh) she always has a detailed and intelligent take on some of cinema’s darkest corners – this season has already covered A Serbian Film, Cannibal Holocaust and Martyrs, how much more Kendall could this series be…?

Well, Zobo could cover one of my favourite directors, Mr Takashi Miike…Oh here we go. This essential episode covers Miike’s 1999 classic Audition, asking whether the main character is hero or villain, is it feminist or misogynistic and how its power swells or fades on repeat watches. Guest Greg Mucci is great here too, sometimes guests try & take over, (or in the otherwise great Cannibal Holocaust episode, make constant unwelcome dick gags) but here it is 2 Miike fans on one classic movie.

You can find the episode on all your fave podcast carriers or listen right now here :