Well, there is a joyful headline I never thought I would be writing in 2019, an all new album from one of my favourite artists ever. Sure, we’ve had all sorts of compilations, but these are a collection of unreleased material. How so? Well, it seems Nilsson strolled into Warner Brothers records IN THE 90S with a whole new record. Of course this was a round peg in a square hole and it seemed lost (or losst, if you will), but now it has been lovingly finished with guests such as Nilsson’s son on bass & such musical icons as Jimmy Webb & Van Dyke Parks. Oh yes.

Losst And Founnd resembles those 80s/90s Brian Wilson records (Van Dyke Parks again), completely out of time, but sit back & you’ll be carried away by one of the most magical songwriters of them all. Timeless. Get it.