After the shambles of Hell In A Cell and the ridiculous pandering to suspect states that was Crown Jewel, it is up to AEW to remind us why we watch wrestling in the first place – for great storytelling, intense action and characters we care about, you know the same thing that you look for in a summer tentpole movie. 
When Full Gear began with the best tag team in the world (sorry, Gallows & Anderson, I DO love you too!), you knew a slobberknocker was coming. The Young Bucks against Proud And Powerful felt like the start of a longer story as The Bucks were dominated by the reckless and crazy ex-LAX in an exciting and thrilling match. The other tag match featuring the Luchas, SCU and Private Party was good too, although SCU don‘t seem like champions, perhaps there will be a spark in future matches, but not here, although they were never going to lose those championships, having just won them.
The big two matches were both ***** bouts, that is not a swearword, it is a Meltzer style rating. 🙂 Cody vs Jericho was a brilliant dramatic violent affair, when Cody hit the outside and his forehead split like an overripe melon, I wondered if they would continue, but they did and it was a total thriller, both men on top of their game. All I was thinking when they came out is how Vince M would have booked this match a few years back when he had both fireworks under his command. Probably a midcard quick finish, certainly not the emotionally draining epic that AEW gave us. This business is not just about the talent, but the backstage writing and the commentators and Excalibur deserves plenty of plaudits for his performance here. No one could blame MJF for throwing in the towel, or not want to throw things at him when he turned and hit Cody in the balls. It was a brilliant move and I look forward to these two great talents meeting, hopefully in a Lights Out situation. Speaking of which…
My name is Kendall and my two top wrestlers in the world are Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley, so getting them in a hardcore battle had me excited from the get go and once again the AEW rating of 14+ was used perfectly, with glass, wood, bats, wire and, my god, a double toss into a bed of sharp barbs. This match left me breathless and no one would have blamed the referee for stopping it before he did. But we got a drop on hard wood, a throw through the table, a double smash through a glass logo and the aforementioned barb board as well as some hard wrestling touches too. It was stunning.
So, Full Gear is the best PPV of 2018. Survivor Series should be entertaining, with the addition of NXT and Lynch, Bayzler and Bayley is worth the price of admission alone, but will it be able to reach the heights that Tony Kahn just attained? What a time to be a fan!


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