Let‘s look at the history of Hell In A Cell, when it was one of the highlights of the wrestling year. It was the end of a long and turbulent series of encounters, the only way that the worst rivalries could be sorted out – you just put them inside a roofed cage and let them DO WHATEVER THEY WANT. That bit is important, remember that, because Vince KM does not remember, if the chants of ‘Refund!‘ ‘Restart The Match!‘ and most cuttingly in the current climate ‘AEW!‘ at the end of the show are anything to go by.

We‘ve seen some insane things in these types of matches, Shawn falling off the side of the cage, Kane ripping the door off of the cell, Mick Foley falling not only off of but through the roof of the cell, which his opponent The Undertaker later though was the moment he had killed him. BUT NONE OF THESE MATCHES WERE STOPPED. Because, you know, logic, violent and dark but logic none the less.

2019 – Seth Rollins is turning to vanilla in front of our eyes when suddenly Bray Wyatt returns as a chilling horror movie freak called The Fiend. He is used perfectly, the arena darkens, he appears in the ring, he chokes someone out, the arena darkens, he is gone. Simple and yet brilliant. The idea of Seth/Bray in the Cell was mouthwatering and should have been the match of the year – the story is a simple one, good guy tries to beat bad guy, bad guy keeps getting up, bad guy wins, good guy gets revenge at a later date. That is all they had to do, buuuuut no.

Instead Seth starts throwing everything he can in the ring, GOOD, throws a toolbox at the Fiend, GOOD, smacks him in the face, GOOD, hits him with a sledgehammer, THE SAME WAY THAT TRIPLE H USED TO EVERY SINGLE PPV MATCH, nope, too far, referee stops the match. A match that cannot be stopped. A match that was not stopped WHEN THEY THOUGHT FOLEY WAS DEAD. It was feeble and it not only made a mockery of the match type, (until they gave it its own PPV, it was the best of the best) but it also made The Fiend look weak, which as a character he cannot recover from.

Ok, Vinny, you wanna spitball a finish – grab that pen that costs more than I make a month and let‘s make history! It‘s easy, as Seth brings down the sledgehammer, the lights flicker and go out as they have done every week. When they come back on, The Fiend is gone and Seth looks confused. Then, as the show goes off the air, he starts to cough up blood and the commentators go crazy. Sure it is Warrior/Shango nonsense for those old enough (hello!) to remember that, but it protects both performers and let‘s the story continue and most importantly for those who payed 500 dollars for a shit old finish, it gives satisfaction and a ‘woah! Did you see that?‘ day on Twitter, rather than every fan just slagging it off and hashtagging a certain other federation.

Listen to the fans, Vince, it may be annoying sometimes waking up to 10000 tweets calling you a tired old man, but look at what happens after Takeover, or after Dominion or after the first episode of Dynamite, we love to love, just give us something good. And stop going to Saudi Arabia and considering their main events more important than your shows at home. Phew! That‘s a rant for another time but boy, it is coming. After this performance, Hell In A Cell is deader than our soft toy hero Ramblin‘ Rabbit, he might come back to life next week, but old big red is as dead as Dillinger. And it makes me so sad to say that.