Why You Should Buy ‘The Salad Way’ :

Britpop might not seem so exciting now, but for those of us who were there it was an electric period, where every week there was another sparkling band to grab onto, whilst wearing a skinny shirt, cause we were all a lot svelter then…

Salad were a band I loved as soon as I heard them on Radcliffe and Lard’s late night show. Killer track after killer track. Singer Marijne was already a Kendallrock favourite from MTV and their mix of pop and seductive misery was a big hit with me.

Forward to 2019 & the list of artists from that time being able to capture lightning in a bottle again is pretty small. Babybird can do it. Mark Morriss can do it. Salad can do it. The Salad Way uses the Trojan horse brilliance of You Got The Job to get you hooked and then slays you with obtuse pop, intelligent lyrics and more ideas than other bands have in entire careers.

BUY and fall in love. 💖

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