Growing up a cult cinema junkie, Dick Miller was one of those actors that, whether I was watching the creakiest old Corman classic or the latest blockbuster there he was. The one great leading role in A Bucket Of Blood saw Miller as a hippy artist gaining fame by any means necessary. Brilliant. In a similar style, the original Little Shop Of Horrors is a joy to watch.

Milller worked with the best – Scorsese in New York, New York, Spielberg in 1941 and James Cameron in The Terminator. There he was with The Ramones in Rock N Roll High School and genius Andy Kaufman in Heartbeeps. If you were watching old beat up VHS movies (Death Race 2000, Piranha, Chopping Mall) then Miller was there, brightening up the screen with every performance.

So long sir and thanks for the memories. Now time for Explorers followed by Project X, perhaps.

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