If you are looking for the performances of the year when the little gold dude comes out to play then load up the truck and send them all Vice’s way. Amy Adams, Steve Carell, Sam Rockwell and especially Christian Bale are exceptional, this is a masterclass throughout.

Storywise, Vice is a quieter affair, a simple story of chess pieces and how their moves changed the world. If you have no interest in politics, it might leave you cold as we follow one man’s journey to The White House, but as an Americana enthusiast, I learned a lot about the events after 9/11 and how those at the top try to decieve those on the mainline of society – shocking scenes of peer groups finding out the phrases and reasoning that the public accepts and then feeding it straight back through conservative media. Working the people doing the work.

The film belongs to Christian Bale, he IS Dick Cheney, at points where real footage is being mixed with dramatic reconstruction the line blurs and the whole film looks like a documentary and this is due to Bale’s brilliance.

Vice is an interesting, involving politcal thriller, essential for anyone who wonders how the machine runs – especially pertinent in these times when leaders don’t know how to lead. See it.

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