Hands Off Gretel Unleash Explosive New Video ‘I Want The World’🎢😍🎢 :

kendall lacey and lauren tate

Ahoy there glamour boys and glitter girls! Looking for a hot shot blast of magic to brighten up your weekend? Then Hands Off Gretel have three minutes of magic for you with new song and video I Want The World.

Imagine a place where the grunge scene never got diluted, that early No Doubt pop frenzy, the eye of the Hole storm, that time you were shattered in a club at 1am and just before your eyelids fell, you heard a guitar and drum duo that made you race to the floor, like Pinocchio without strings. THIS IS IT. πŸ’–

(And yeah, that IS a shot of me and Lauren Tate, thanks for asking. 😊)

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