We fans of Friday The 13th have been waiting forever for a new Jason adventure, but with lawsuits and rights issues, it seems unlikely we will get a new one anytime soon.

There is hope on the horizon though with the fan project 13 Fanboy, which aims to do for the F13 franchise what New Nightmare did for Freddy – bring our horrors into the real world, with victims of Jason being hunted by a ‘fan’ who is just a little too into the series…

Actresses signed on to the project are Tracie Savage, Judie Aronson & Deborah Voorhees (no relation) and the big news is that the greatest Jason himself, Kane Hodder is also attached.

By helping the film on Indiegogo, you can get updates, prizes, your name in the credits and much much more. I really wanna see this, so follow the link and Let’s make it happen!