Paige Injured At WWE House Show :


The recently returned WWE Superstar Paige had a scare at a house show yesterday and her 6 women match during a spot with Sasha Banks had to be stopped after the referee threw up the dreaded ‘X’ symbol. (This signifies a shoot injury that is not a part of the story)
It seems Paige took a kick to the back and landed strangely, leading to a stretcher being brought out and tense scenes in the ring, which led Mickie James to break character and go and check on the icon.
Eventually Paige left of her own accord, to cheers from the crowd, but the extent of the injury is not yet known. Here’s hoping she is okay and Absolution can continue their interesting rise.

UPDATE : Mick Foley has tweeted “I am so happy to hear that Paige is doing much better after a scary moment at the Nassar Coliseum show.”, so let’s hope she’s okay.

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