Firstly, I owe Wonder Woman an apology. When it was announced, I predicted it would be the first DC flop, I mean who wants a WW movie? Then I saw the trailers and suddenly I wanted a Wonder Woman movie and with the film taking one hundred millon dollars stateside in its first weekend, it seems everybody wanted a Wonder Woman movie.
WW is very different to the DC movies that preceded it. Unlike Superman struggling with his powers and spending most of his time brooding, Wonder Woman totally embraces her strengths and wants to go out there and make a difference. She might be rather ignorant in the ways of the world, but this is a super hero, like Reeve’s Superman, that just wants to help people. Gal Gadot is the perfect mix of innocence and toughness to play the role, if you saw her as Han’s girl in the Fast And Furious movies, you already know she has plenty of attitude and she shines here in the main role. Props should also go to Chris Pine, who is a traditional charmer, who is surprised that WW does not simply fall at his feet, their relationship is full of sparks, but it is easy to see who is in control.
The enemies are traditional comicbook style bad guys, big on snarling and grit, but unready for what Diana Prince can do. These scenes reminded me of Indy movies, the big bosses and the scary mutated underdogs are straight out of Spielberg’s world.
Overall Wonder Woman is an enjoyable romp, the kind of which we rarely see these days, light and easy on the brain, but one that has you ready for Justice League and more from this entertaining world.