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Firstly I should perhaps apologise to my friends at Warner Brothers for how long it has taken me to write this review for LEGO Dimensions. I have a good excuse though, I needed some time to explore the game and soon found myself falling into its universe, this being the epitome of ‘one more go’ gaming and so now I have torn myself away to suggest that you go grab yourself a copy of this excellent adventure.
Look at other games of this sort (Infinity/Skylanders) where you collect figures to expand the universe and you will see that they have never resisted releasing ANOTHER base set, so even when you have spent a great deal on the game, your reward is having to start again in order to get the newest characters. Not with LEGO Dimensions, get the base pack and you can collect whatever extra figures you want from the first released to the most recently released heroes. With my pack I also got the Knight Rider/Batman and Adventure Time sets, each allowing iconic characters to join a world already full of great great heroes and villains.
The base set comes with Batman, Wyldstyle and Gandalf, so you will not be surprised to play in the universes of the Bat, The LEGO Movie and Lord Of The Rings, but don’t think that the action stops there, I will try not to spoil too much (aside from the first level, as an example of what variety is to come) but there are some classic film/TV worlds to be conquered here. Each is a great surprise and more than anything, LEGO Dimensions brings surprise and delight at every turn. Imagine a huge The Wizard Of Oz fan such as myself suddenly finding myself walking the yellow brick road and combating The Wicked Witch. Outstanding.
The challenges here are just about the right difficulty – there will be moments where you might want to throw the controller and you’ll owe a few quid to the swear jar, but I always found myself going back for more, soon clicking with whatever was confusing me and soon flying off to the next challenge.
The various characters are not just there for entertainment purposes, each has certain skills that are needed to clear the levels – for example Wyldstyle can jump higher, Batman can throw Batarangs and Gandalf can use magic to move objects. Using the base, different heroes can be added to the game and you often need to swap these over quickly and efficiently to beat bosses, it is not just a case of putting them in the game and that is it, sometimes the base will flash and give you colours that correspond to your team and they must be shifted, or some villains will cause the base to flash red and anyone left in the section will lose energy. Clever.
The world of LEGO Dimensions is excellent, deep and always offering more. Warner Bros. has been kind enough to also send me the LEGO Batman Movie set, which includes an entirely new game based upon the smash hit movie. I HAVE ANOTHER WHOLE GAME TO PLAY! See you in a while… đŸ™‚

[Game Provided free for review, by Warner Bros.]

[Thanks to Mark Ward At Warner Bros.]