If I am writing a story about Labyrinth, I should use this space to congratulate one of my fave people in the world, Sarah and her fella Dan on their engagement, I wish them every happiness! Now, on with the show…
It seems that Fede Alvarez, a man who is two for two following the excellent Evil Dead remake and the chilling Don’t Breathe is set to take us back into the world of Ludo and Hoggle with a new Labyrinth movie.
Before we all fall on the floor whining like babies, this is not set to bring back the Goblin King, it takes place following the death of this iconic character and so we will be getting a new story in the same universe, without messing with any of our sacred memories.
No one should have been able to bring the Evil Dead franchise back to life, so Alvarez is a good call for this and I look forward to more Hoggle, more muppets, more magic! 🙂