A Cure For Wellness is very much a Rubik’s Cube kind of a movie. It starts off simply as a Wall Street Crash kind of a deal and then slowly but surely the pieces are shifted and you find yourself in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. Shift again and you are in Brazil or the innocence of The Princess Bride, another twist and you’re in Hostel or Wes Andersen land or Spielberg. And so it continues to twist until you realise that what you’re watching is its own beautiful/sinister animal and even when the pieces fall into place and the credits roll and you know exactly what has happened, you are filled with questions, perhaps even more confused than when you started. It feels like one of those Criterion Collection films that spawns a thousand documentaries/commentaries and everyone comes up with a different answer to what they have just seen.
I find it unlikely that anyone will ‘like’ A Cure For Wellness, you will either be bored waiting for the fireworks that never come, or you will fall in love with the magic that Verbinski paints on the confusing canvas. Dane DeHaan shines once again in a performance of  early-Nicholson depth, ably complimented by Mia Goth in a stunning performance.
You will notice that I have not really gone into the plot here, it is better to enter the world of mystery, magic and mayhem knowing as little as possible. Despite watching all the trailers and obviously following all the DeHaan news as soon as it drops, I was not spoiled in any way and this is the best way to go into the film. Just sit back and let the calming waters wash over you. And try not to drown. #Essential