With many of the same matches being played out on RAW and SD recently, the shot in the arm that the Superstar Shake-Up gives both brands is certainly welcome. As they said on RAW, it is chance to hit the reset button after Wrestlemania (which is a phrase I have heard a lot on wrestling news sites this week, guess Vinnie Mac was reading them too) and get some new rivalries going.
The big news for RAW is the arrival of Dean Ambrose (all three of the Shield on the same show, you say…?) and Bray Wyatt whereas Smackdown gets Kevin Owens and Charlotte Flair.
The two worst commentators in the game, Saxton and Otunga have swapped brands and from the evidence of last night, Saxton is much more tolerable now that he is not constantly being put down by Graves/Cole and he is ‘just’ commenting on the action in the ring. And it is great not to have him geeking creepily at Bayley’s inflatable buddies, not a euphemism.

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