Alice Lowe kicks against some of horror’s cliches with Prevenge, whilst ironically at the same time mirroring many things that we have seen before. Sure the idea of a soon-to-arrive baby sending her mother into rage and murder is a sparkling new idea, the way that it is presented borrows from many other films along the way – without any spoilers, the soundtrack desperately wants to be Drive, there are scenes etched from Kill List, Wicker Man and Basket Case and it even uses the Tom Six idea of the centipede as representing evil. So yeah, that means there are a few moments here that seem to come straight out of the cliche horror notebook, but hopefully you will not give up as Prevenge soon ramps up the intensity as you understand the victims and the rage reasons behind Ruth’s attacks and whilst this never reaches Kruegeresque cartoon cheering, you might find yourself catching some laughs coming over you right in the middle of the darkest scenes.
There is some great dialogue from Director/Star Lowe, who you may have seen in Sightseers, which also perhaps allows her the Wheatley influences often seen here, and there are many moments where what you thought was the villain of the piece is actually a diamond heroine in the rough of the modern world. OR IS SHE?