I had the same problem with Steel Panther that I had with The Darkness at the beginning, they just seemed to be taking the piss out of music that i loved. But now, in the same way that The Darkness got the Queen producer in for the second album, Steel Panther suddenly sound, to quote Steve Lamacq, for real.
Lower The Bar is essentially Warrant’s debut album crossed with Dr Feelgood, which if you any kind of late eighties glam metal fan is as big a compliment as you can pay.
Sure these songs lean on famous Crue and Warrant tunes and they give a shout out to both Nikki Sixx and Dokken, but this is very much their own party, with Poontang Boomerang aping all of the finest 80s metal anthems and That’s When You Came In is Warrant’s ‘Heaven’ with more oral sex.
Essentially if you love 80s glam metal then this is a return to a magical time where all your favourite songs were just about girls you’d never know and drinks you’d never consume.
This is essentially CC Deville, Jani Lane and Vince Neil havin’ a party at the Roxy which is as high a compliment as you can pay such a record. Awesome.