Any fool knows that Beauty And The Beast is one of Disney’s greatest masterpieces and was one of a handful of classics (along with The Little Mermaid and Aladdin) that brought the studio back to life and back to its best.
Now making it into a live action epic, Disney faces a problem. Do you play it exactly like the animated version or do you change things, either option alienating certain fans? Disney has gone for the Psycho style option and Xeroxed the original right down to dialogue cues and camera angles. All your favourite set pieces are here, exactly as they were. The main difference I guess is that the human beast is super hot Dan Stevens rather than the bland result that Belle ended up with last time and surely this is one change that all fans will applaud!
My favourite moments here are my old favourite moments, Lumiere presenting the magic of Be Our Guest and Le Fou singing the praises of his friend/master Gaston. Both are still magnificent showstopping epics that had me instantly reaching for the soundtrack album and looking up the toys for the epic candlestick. There’s a phrase I never thought I would be using today!
In terms of new things, it is the Beast who goes centre stage with the beautiful song Evermore which makes him more human than he ever and you will be forgiven or shedding a little tear for the big ugly fella.
Elsewhere, Emma Watson is a joyous Belle, you are utterly under her spell from the opening number and she will take your breath away in the yellow dress for the magical title song. Ewan McGregor plays Lumiere exactly like his animated counterpart and McKellen is a great foil for his wonderment. Kevin Kline is a great Maurice and props go to Josh Gad for a human Le Fou who is every bit (in fact it seems much more – “you’re too good for him”…) the idolising buffoon of the original.
Basically if you love Beauty And The Beast, you already love this and will have a whale of a time seeing those drawings come to life. Watch as it soars to a billion dollars, be our guest! <3