You know that period last year where it seemed that unbelievably there could be too many super hero movies on the horizon? First Deadpool showed that the limits could be pushed hard in an R rated picture that could score a billion dollars. Then Dr Strange showed us new visions and powers with some stunning special effects and a lesser known main character. Now the trio is complete with the X Men movie that is not really an X Men movie – welcome to the batshit awesome world of Logan.
Logan finds us and our fave mutant in the future, where a Mad Max scenario seems to be taking place, or is it closer to Clint Eastwood’s Man With No Name trilogy? Both are big compliments, especially for the ninth movie in a series. Perhaps the nearest comparison would be Rocky Balboa – a chance to see a hero past his best fighting powers he no longer feels confident in defeating. This is Jackman’s finest work, less sarcastic, now caustic and broken down. Healing now takes longer and death seems only a broken blade away. Add to this a heartbreaking performance by Patrick Stewart as a 90 year old disease ridden Xavier and you have a character study that could finally see Marvel hit Oscar season head on next year. The only performance that is sub par is the very interesting character of Caliban, a creature kept in the dark and helped by Logan, but Stephen Merchant’s portrayal falls between comedy and sadness and could have been much better if say Dane DeHaan or Casey Affleck had been given the role.
It’s cool seeing Richard E Grant back in a tentpole picture here and he chews on the scenery throughout. The film really belongs to the relationship between the past (Logan) and the future (Laura) and this young actress shines throughout and when she shows her claws, quite literally, you will likely stand up and cheer. Don’t expect too much good time comicbook fun here though, Logan has a cold dark heart, matching that of its titular character and there are times when you wish you did not have to see the former indestructable beast falling apart – yet you will be unable to take your eyes off the screen until the end credits and perhaps a few tears roll.