As fans we are quick to shout out when a wrestling show is underwhelming, so I guess we should equally praise those who make a slobberknocker. (Thanks, JR!)
Smackdown was a great show from beginning to end, setting up many elements that will fall into place at Wrestlemania.
The opening MizTV was an excellent piece of work between the A Lister and John Cena, it really felt like a shoot and seems to be setting up Cena/Bella vs Miz/Maryse for the big show.
Following the controversy of last week, the match between AJ Styles and Luke Harper was brilliant, it looked as if Harper had the upper hand and even managed to get the match restarted thanks to a foot on the rope, but it was Styles who seemed to be set to headline at WM.
I say ‘seemed’ because later we saw an excellent piece in which Wyatt called out to Orton, but Randy turned his back (seemingly with no trigger) on Wyatt and set fire to his compound, apparently sending Sister Abigail to hell, which was a great hokey piece like the old days of Kane/Undertaker spooky storytelling. Brilliant. During this segment, Orton said he was coming for Bray at Wrestlemania, so presumably next week we will see this match confirmed by McMahon, leading to Styles vs Shane and Orton vs Wyatt at WM. I would have preferred to see Styles take back the title vs Wyatt, but this is a great piece of storytelling and the are a few weeks of stories to tell yet. Once again, the blue brand seems to be leading the way!