The day that Trainspotting came out (oh god here comes kendall’s Trainspotting story again…hehe) I was so excited I saw it at the first two performances. I knew I was going with friends, including a certain girl who I knew I would be more mesmerised by than any movie and so before I joined them for the second performance, I settled down alone for the first. And of course, it was one of the best British films of all time. Think I saw it maybe 8 to 10 times on its first cinema run and then paid 26.99 for an ex-rental VHS (choose video, choose an expensive second hand tape) in HMV Oxford Street. I already had the book and obviously the soundtrack as soon as came out and I had a Sick Boy tshirt that I totally loved, luckily I was not wearing it when I went to a pub in Primrose Hill and Jonny Lee Miller came and sat on the next table. FANSPAZZ.
But the big question now is…can it be repeated? From the look of this trailer, it seems it can – these are not big Hollywood actors returning to a little British hit, THAT’S Renton, there’s Spud, cool as fuck Sick Boy and psycho Begbie. Okay, Boyle, I will see your boys day one. Maybe twice.