It has been a long time since I have enjoyed a pay per view as much as this year’s Royal Rumble. Normally you know pretty much what is going to happen but this year, the Rumble was offering the title as the prize and so it was wideopen especially with current champion Roman Reigns entering at number one.
The undercard contianed a few classics too. Opening the show with Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens seemed like getting a headliner straight off the bat, but then Ambrose is my favourite wrestler on the roster so perhaps that was to be expected. Owens is a great heel too, in that it seems real and also he has lots of talent so you believe he can beat anyone. Of course a Last Man Standing match with these too was destined to be a slobberknocker and so it was. The amount of ‘holy shit’ moments from the audience was high and there were spots that were unbelievable. As soon as you saw Owens put two tables on top of each other, it looked like Ambrose was gonna fall but no. Seeing Owens go through the tables was an incredible moment. Seeing Ambrose lift the title again was a great moment.
Charlotte VS Becky Lynch was a superb Divas match, Lynch is my favourite Diva on the roster and I was gunning for her even tough I knew that Ric Flair would ruin her chances and indeed he did. I wonder why the referee did not disqualify Charlotte when her dad threw his jacket in, I mean it would have resulted in Charlotte keeping the title so the result would not change and it would have seemed right. Applause to Charlotte being a brilliant heel, when she arrived she was a great wrestler but a little vanilla. Now she is a sneering wonder, you cheer her evilness, like Sherri t her finest. Which is a great compliment.
So, the Royal Rumble match. Boy, this was great. WE knew that Reigns would be number one, but seeing Rusev come in after that was good, he is a great villain, very cartoony like Akeem (remember him?) or Earthquake, but also a great performer. Yet it was number three that got me marking out and cheering at the screen. The music started and Reigns looked up, unsure who it was, and then, He appeared. The Phenomenal One, AJ Styles is in the WWE! Oh boy! Seeing one of my favourite wrestlers in a WWE ring was a dream come true and he took on some of the best in the federation, me cheering every move. Eventually it was Kevin Owens who disposed of him and this would be a great feud so fair enough. Great to hear the audience cheering for Styles throughout. Expect to see him float to the top very quickly, as Vince would no doubt have been listening to his crowd.
The only downside of the Rumble was the lack of surprises, aside from the excellent arrival of Styles, I mean old/classic wrestlers who normally turn up just for this. Strange not to see this, or even comedy thnigs like Santino coming in for a second. Guess the writers were busy with creating proper stories rather than nostalgia which is fair enough I guess.
So the final three, Reigns, Ambrose and…Triple H! Seeing Trips throw Reigns over was a great surprise as though they would be the final two, but no, seeing HHH and Ambrose battle for the title was a joy and even though Trips tossed over my fave wrestler, I was still cheering at one of the best of all time being back at the top.
Now we have Reigns, Ambrose and Lesnar at Fastlane and then…WRESTLEMANIA