Here is the great looking atmospheric trailer for the forthcoming Krays epic Legend. Firstly yes that is a terrible title as it instantly takes you out of the story as you think of Tim Curry as a big red devil. Why did they call it it that? Did they think that geeks had forgotten the Cruise classic?Still the title seems to be the only thing that doesn’t scream “SEE ME!” about this trailer. Fans of the classic Kemp version might think another version is oo soon, but it is a quarter of a century that has ticked by and the Blu-Ray of that version of the tale will still be out there, watch them back to back if you want. The point is that Tom Hardy eats up the screen in everything he appears in and the idea that he is playing BOTH Kray brothers is just brilliant, and the way he shows their expressions and different ways of holding themselves, you can believe that these are two different people. Would they Oscar nom him for both? Tom Hardy vs Tom Hardy would be a great Oscar story. Legend is released on September 11th.