Review : ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’


So you are probably wondering why i am not already fanboying over the Avengers sequel. So let me tell you why. I suddenly realised that there was a big hole in my Marvel Cinematic Universe. I have not seen Thor 2 (I don’t really like Thor as a character, but love Loki), nor have I seen Captain America : The Winter Soldier. Hell I have not even seen Iron Man 3 for Christ sake. So I have decided to fill all of these gaps before grabbing the Ultron experience. I am sure it will wait, happily snagging a billion dollars along the way. I’m coming for you Ultron, just wait a while, first there is a talking raccoon that needs my attention…
Holy crap, Guardians Of The Galaxy is a hell of a lot of fun. Yeah, as the Marvel movies get darker, it is nice to have a slightly more ridiculous premise to follow, even if it does decend into its own realm of danger. The first thing about Guardians is that you do not know the story before it starts, you go in cold unless you have read the comic books, whereas the origin stories of most superheroes and well known and you have to sit through a couple of films before they start throwing the real chaos your way. Guardians has chaos galore and a brilliant cast to deliver it. Yes, you know I am about to fanboy over Bradley Cooper, it is what i ALWAYS do, and this time he is a talking animal so that covers two of my loves in a single well animated swish. Rocket Raccoon is the most cynical Marvel character since Howard The Duck, he is the anti-Jessie J, he is all about the price tag. Anyway he can gain credits he will do it, which is how he has ended up in 23 prisons, the first twenty two of which he has escaped from and you can probably imagine what happens the 23rd time around or this would bea very short movie. His co-pilot on this flight is a tree. Yes, you heard me. Groot is played by Vin Diesel in what is surely an inside nod to his classic performance in Brad Bird’s The Iron Giant. He is a tree that kicks ass, Rocket understands him even thou he only says three words. (technically five) Who can join this band of bonkers bozos? How about Batista, or Bautista as he is known on the big screen, putting in an epic performance as Drax, the heavy hitter of the team, his best scene is when he has one two many and ends up kicking off in a scene reminiscent of the Cantina in Star Wars. There are many scenes that remind you of Lucas’ classics, which is a great thing as it’s an origin movie which presents a massively populated world where things seem to be going on on every side of the screen, always allowing you to see something different. If kids still loved action figures, this movie could explode the market. Except it is not really a movie for kids. big kids, yes, but try explaining Star Lord’s Jackson Pollack gag to your five year old or don’t.
Ah, Starlord, yes, we have not talked about the Starlord, he is the Han Solo of the piece, ridiculous and somewhat useless, when coming up with a plan he manages to only work out 12% of it but as he states he is not 100% a dick. Chris Pratt is essentially strutting down Hollywood’s catwalk screaming “LOOK AT ME” which in movie featuring a talking raccoon is harder than it sounds. He succeeds brilliantly. On the other side there is a storming performance by Henry : Portrait Of A Serial Killer’s Michael Rooker who seems to love being in a fun movie and hams it up like a good ‘un. Again he would not be out of place in Star Wars, where he would surely run rings around the government of Naboo. He is brilliant.
So we meet a new parade of a-holes and delve into the Infinity Stones story which will pop up in the next few slices of Marvel’s big cinematic cake. Guardians Of The Galaxy is a great great tale which will have you gasping at the action sequences and laughing at the comedic sequences. It’s difficult for a film of this kind to keep a kind of seriousness behind all the laughs but the way that the whole world of Guardians is shaded in just over two hours means that this is one of Marvel’s best so far. Did i mention BRADLEY COOPER PLAYS A TALKING RACCOON?

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