It pains me to be against Vince McMahon, usually I consider everything he does to be going towards something else that we have not yet seen and normally this ends with me cheering the TV and once again praising the chairman of the board. Even when he was the most hated man in wrestling, with the Mr McMahon character, I stood when I saw him live, even my dad refused to join me as a whole arena booed him. Now finally I have to pull him up on recent events.

The two biggest stars in World Wrestling Entertainment in 2014 are undoubtedly CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. Obviously it is John Cena who is selling merch to the kids, which isn’t a diss, he is basically the Hogan of today but the fans have become ‘smart’ and so they no longer want someone to climb impossible summits to get the championship, they want reality and reality is Punk and Bryan. So, you make one the champion and have a spare for PPV events and Raw appearances, right? Wrong apparently. Despite the cheering for Bryan everywhere the WWE goes and especially at pay per views, he has been pushed down all the way. This could have been a plan to show his hard work at getting to the top, but no, the Royal Rumble showed that he seems to have been tossed aside – despite the ENTIRE place screaming Yes! Yes! Yes!, it seems Vince said No, no,no and with everyone expecting him to enter the Rumble at #30 and take the whole thing, he wasn’t a participant and the Rumble ended with an arena booing, not Marks and kids, the entire place. This is not good for the product.

Still, there was still Punk. Until he quit. Yes, the icon of the alternative, the best in the world has taken his ball and gone home. Understandably so. Whilst the whole story of his tussle with Vince has yet to come out, it seems he was frustrated with older wrestlers or one time fighters coming back for a single fight a year. This seems totally justified with Batista winning the Rumble. A wrestler with no current storyline, crusade or reason to take on anybody – so the idea of him headlining the showcase of the immortals is frankly ridiculous. The only way to make this right is for Vince to pull another swerve and make Bryan the champion before WM30, thus giving the crowd what they want, without that it is going to be a poor show at what should be the best event ever.