Making a sequel to a true original is always a problem. We’ve seen what Kick-Ass can do, where he came from, what he became, what next? Well, you could just produce more of the same or you could let us in to the characters that we already love as well as ramping everything up so that you might lose track of the number of times you whisper “Holy fuck!” to yourself with a big dumb comic book smile on your face. It’s that much fun.

Old favourite Red Mist has had enough being a superhero and is now the world’s first real super villain, his popularity gauged by his popularity on Twitter. Of course, Red Mist isn’t good enough for the evil he is trying to convey, so we meet The Mother Fucker, a mix of bondage gear and Lex Luthor. He builds a team to rid the world of Kick-Ass including the brilliant Mother Russia, what other film features a strong savage woman killing ten cops to the sound of a rock version of the theme from Tetris?

Naturally the good guys have back up now too, albeit it a ragtag bunch grabbed from Facebook, including the class nerd, a guy who has never had a fight and even a middle-class couple who look like they wouldn’t know Arkham Asylum if it fell on them, but then the woman does know how to swing a brick which is sometimes all you need.

Special mention here for Jim Carrey. It’s a real shame that Carrey has dismissed the film and refused to publicise it as he is an absolute wonder, you would think that putting Carrey in a comic book world would result in him eating up the screen (hello, Batman Forever) but instead he is real, cool calm and collected and has the world’s most awesome sidekick, a dog with a stars and stripes bandanna who will make you wince when he performs his special move. Ouch. Also mention here for Night Bitch, a beautiful stunning creature who…well, I just love her. And Kick-Ass quite likes her too…

This brings us, at last, to Chloe Grace Moretz. Her breakout performance as Hit-Girl was what made the original such a joy and she does not disappoint here, she’s feisty, rude and always ready to kick ass. Literally. Yet there is another side to her, the normal fifteen year old dealing with normal fifteen year old things, such as High School, which is a bigger enemy than The Mother Fucker could ever be. This leads to a Mean Girls/Heathers section, where Moretz shines and you’ll be booing the bitches long before Mindy gets her messy, sick-inducing revenge.

Those who have complained about the violence (Kick-Ass 2 is a high end 15, getting an R in the States) obviously haven’t seen the Statham/Ritchie style trash clogging up the video stores lately and saying it’s a comic book movie isn’t an excuse, it’s a fact. Everything here is done within the world of the comic, blood spills, things explode, balls are eaten, is this what we want to feed our kids? Yes, actually, it is a lot more meaningful and intelligent than the trash that they are fed primetime by every TV channel and every action has a consequence here, it’s a moral tale featuring a well shaded cast of characters not a cartoon breed for the slaying. There is violence, but really, this ain’t Casino or Scarface, it’s a great tale told with great style. With great style comes great responsibility, as Spidey never said and a generation brought up on Potter and LOTR will find nothing that shocks here, expect perhaps for the humanity of the main protagonists.

Kick-Ass 2 is a joyous sequel, everything you loved about the original plus a whole new bunch of things to tag onto, you’ll be quoting this one for months and in a few years when Moretz is taking the Best Actress Oscar on a yearly basis, we will raise a glass to Hit-Girl and the whole Kick-Ass universe. Awesome.