Poem : A Dream About School


A half empty classroom
I cannot see the clock
Nor do I know what day it is.
I know if there was homework
Then I have not completed it.
I can’t even tell you the subject
Just keep my head down and wait for the bell.
But voices become raised.
The teacher pushes back his glasses
He’s turning redder by the minute.
Shouting in Chinese
Now he’s got my attention.
But he’s not yelling at me.
His anger is directed at Karl
A small thin bizarre character
Who plays to the crowd
In the vain hope of being noticed for something, anything.
Karl stands and hits the teacher
Square in the jaw
I hear it crack
Like cheap market china
Not an injured China man.
The victim falls
Karl dives upon him
Swinging his fists like a Tasmanian devil
Growling like a rabid dog.
I close my eyes
But can still hear the violence.
I race forwards and push him off
Hold his arms behind his back
Tell someone to run and get help.
Get help now!
Mr Barnes charges in
No nonsense
He grabs Karl
Gives him a slap in the face
Waits for his body to go limp
And calls the police.
I visit Mr Chow in the hospital
He’s a mixture of plasma and bandages.
They say he will be okay
And he never asked about my homework.

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