Sit in those old plastic chairs again
Waiting to be called
To hear something you don’t want to hear.
Buy yourself some muddy dark coffee
Wipe the sweat off of your face
No tears.
Finally get called through
‘Do you know how bad he is?’
This isn’t the kind of greeting you expect.
You shake your head and gulp down fear
You hear her talk but blur the words
Blur the meaning
Blur reality.
Inside the ward
You feel so lame
Sit beside the bed and try to breathe.
No point talking
He wont hear anymore.
Say goodbye
Feel his face
Hope against hope he will suddenly wake
Wait for the miracle
Walk away.
‘I Want You To Stay’ on the iPod
Tears finally crowding the eyes.
Wish you believed in god
So you could see a beam of light
A touch of hope.
Breathe, soldier, breathe
The end is coming
Be strong.
He’s gone.
Never forgotten.

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