Thoughts On ‘Monsters University’


The Godfather Part II, The Empire Strikes Back, Toy Story 2. Three movies that Monsters University isn’t quite as good as – but it’s certainly good enough to keep Wazowski fans happy, there were at least three moments where I was laughing out loud and realised no one else was. Oh dear. There’s just a great feeling of joy throughout the film that means if you don’t come out with a smile on your face, you’re probably already dead.

The joy of Monsters University is seeing your favourite characters again, but knowing that you’ve already seen the future, so there is never the chilling thrills of the door chase from the original, yiou know they all survive and all ends well. But how they get there and what is revealed is a blast – Mike Wazowski is an unloved geek, Sulley is a jerk and Randall is a quiet fella who makes cupcakes. Oh yes.

There are good new characters, but they don’t really do a lot, except for Art, a purple carpet with legs who is hilarious throughout. Oh and there’s an orange pig. Who is brilliant.

Mostly, it’s the joy of seeing Mike and Sulley back together (or meeting for the first time) as their friendship builds into the classic partnership that we know and love.

Monsters University is just great animation, Billy Crystal is wonderful as always and Randall Boggs, well, seeing him pink and covered in hearts is worth the admission price alone. Go see.

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