Another week, another example of the movie vultures kicking the corpse of Disney around on the Internet. The reason this time is the opening weekend failure of its big budget remake of The Lone Ranger, a seemingly unstoppable movie bringing Johnny Depp a new franchise to own. Except, er, it failed. Big time. And so the stories talk about Disney losing 150 million dollars on something that seemed a guaranteed smash.

What there is to learn from this is that moviegoers are not as easy to read as the big studios think we are. Early looks at The Lone Ranger looked awful and only Depp was the reason for most to even give it the time of day, yet it seemed that in a packed summer, it is the big flop of the season as there are so many films to catch up with, there is no need to catch every ‘Event Movie’ this summer.

Yet the reporting does not seem to be fair to the House Of The Mouse, they correctly claim the opening box office but then state that it is another disaster for Disney after the $200 million drubbing taken by John Carter. I LOVED John Carter, the effects were great, the themes were interesting, the characters were enticing, Mars was essentially a great place to visit. But Carter is now known for its failure. Okay it is another fact but what these stories are missing out is that in between these two disasters, Avengers and Iron Man 3, lest we forget products also from the mighty mouse, hit the billion mark and easily made up for the losses that are still gleefully reported. In the next few weeks, Monsters University will break animation records worldwide and then The Wolverine will be back in action, hovering up those mighty Disney Dollars.

Then of course there is the forthcoming return of Star Wars. The mouse ain’t dead and there is plenty of cheese left. And The Lone Ranger will no doubt scoop up some funds on DVD…Mickey will not lose any sleep over it.

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