Poem : The Beans And The Eggplant


The peanut crop
The beans and the eggplant.
Pigs’ feet given to children
After the sacrifice which silenced them.
Cockroaches cross the mud in packs
Eating anything
No refusal.
Electricity clicks off
No movies tonight.
Dogs howl
There is never silence in the air
Only a closeness that caresses and occasionally strangles.
Rice paddies
Round faced children
An old time feel
In a modern location.
Hotels look out of place
Receptions caked with mud.
Locals stare with wonder at americans
People are their cinema tonight.
First world visitors astound
But they are content to return to their huts
Their peanut crops
Their beans and their eggplants.
Strong family ties
Religious iconography
A naive worship of nature.

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