Poem : Feeling Complete?


I’m not booing you
I’m booing the rain.
I’m chastising pure misery
Looking sternly at numb hate.
I digh at indifference
Lay claim to your love, exclusively.
I desire desire
Need the carousel to spin
And dizzy us all to life.
As emotion raps the door
Trying desperately to escape
I hold on to you
A weeping cross providing my stigmata
An emotional waterfall
In which I cannot help but drown.
Some will call it stupid
To go back and take a smack in the face
When the bruise hasn’t settled from before.
But when the jigsaw misses a piece
You cannot see the complete picture.
It’s not solitude I fear
It’s the missing warmth of your perfect body against me.
Listening to your heartbeat
Feeling whole. Alive. Real.
Without that
You may as well throw my soul in the trash
Bury my face in the ground
Smother me in darkness
Leave me vacant in an enclosed tomb.
Being incomplete is madness
Madness comes from being incomplete.
ECT with the plug out.
ECT. With. The. Plug. Out.

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