Quote, Unquote : Morrissey


“The whole implication was to save these people in Ethiopia, but who were we asking to save them? Some 13 year old girl in Wigan! People like Thatcher and the royals could solve the Ethiopian problem within 10 seconds. But Band Aid shied away from saying that – for heaven’s sake, it was almost directly aimed at unemployed people. I’m not afraid to say that I think Band Aid was diabolical. Or to say that I think Bob Geldof is a nauseating character.
Many people find that very unsettling, but I’ll say it loud as anyone wants me to. In the first instance, the record itself was absolutely tuneless. One can have great concern for the people of Ethiopia but it’s another thing to inflict daily torture on the people of England. It was an awful record considering the mass of talent involved. And it wasn’t done shyly, it was the most self righteous platform ever in the history of popular music.”

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